Island of Elba

The island of Elba is the third largest island in Italy and measures roughly 224 sqkm. It is surrounded by crystal clear sea with variegated shades of blue, richly populated sea beds and many different small sandy beaches, shingle coves hidden between lush vegetation and sheer cliff faces.

The island of Elba is covered in rich Mediterranean maquis made up of chestnut trees, pine trees, cork oaks, holm oaks, white heather, broom, gorse and pretty strawberry trees. In spring the maquis is in full bloom and the intense perfume and colours of the gorse and broom and other spring flowers and herbs fill the hillside footpaths. The island of Elba is part of the National park of the Tuscan archipelago, an ideal location for nature lovers.

During winter the weather is never extreme and more subtropical. Winters tend to be temperate and humid and summer dry and hot. In our opinion Spring is the most beautiful season to visit the island of Elba, when nature is waking up from its winter sleep and the maquis explodes into a heady mix of colours and perfumes.

Tourism on Elba has been able to expand whilst not destroying the surrounding environment and changing the landscape , traditions and the habits of the local inhabitants.

On the island of Elba you will find a magical places to visit. You will be able to revisit history through the ages from prehistoric inhabitants to the iron ore mines which the Etruscans and then the Romans used to build up their empires, through to pirate incursions, bloody battles and Napoleon and the significant mark that he left on the island during his exile.

If you let yourself be enchanted by sea breezes which carry legends and tales of the past you will soon realize that every single grain of sand can hold a story of past adventures on land and sea as fascinating as the colours of this island. We are sure you will be caught up in the beauty of our island and will never want to leave.

Our multi-faceted island offers relaxation, sea, good food and excellent wines and history. We must not forget the other face of the island, sport and adventure.

Much loved by mountain bikers, scuba divers and trekkers our island offers numerous possibilities for combining an active holiday with the seaside.