Eco - Policy

“The splendour of this Island accompanies us  every day.

We are surrounded by the immense forces of nature, pounding waves, soft grainy sand, verdant maquis and  wonderful wildlife.

These are the things we love and appreciate the most on our island and we want to preserve them at their best.

This is our contribution to minimizing impact of our hotel on our surroundings”.


What do we do to make our hotel and apartments environmentally sustainable?

  • Constantly monitoring our electrical consumption. Using  LED technology. Our outdoor lights are on a timed program and switch off automatically late in the evening and we use solar lighting to maintain visibility until morning;
  • Roof space has been used to accommodate solar panels for the production of hot water;
  • We have chosen to use shower heads and tap water flow reducers to reduce the consumption of water which is a precious resource for our island;
  • We have chosen to eliminate individually packaged bath products and have opted for cartridge dispensers in our bathrooms;
  • We have also chosen to eliminate many individually packaged products from our breakfast buffet thus reducing the amount of waste packaging;
  • We serve locally bottled water in the dining room. The Fonte Napoleone in Poggio ;
  • We have provided guests with recycling banks for oil, plastic, glass , paper and batteries and invite guests to use them;
  • Trying to use the use of low environmental impact cleaning products;

  • Trying to eliminate single-portion packaged products and favouring the use of PLA or corn containers when necessary;

  • Eliminating chlorinating products for pool disinfection by installing a salt electrolysis system. In this way your dip in the pool becomes more pleasant and more environmentally friendly;


It is the small habits which we adopt everyday which can the difference and we would like to share them with you.

  • Turn off air conditioning when your windows or doors are open and once you leave your room or apartment;
  • Turn off lights once you leave your room or apartment;
  • Try to reduce your water consumption by using the double flushing system in your bathroom;
  • Turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth or shave;
  • Think about reusing your bathroom towels, would you change them every day at home? Unnecessary daily cleaning of towels only contributes to water and detergent usage which affects our environment;
  • Reduce car mobility by using the bicycles we provide free of charge or by using the local bus services. We have timetables and tickets at reception; Use our local rental for bikes , E-bikes and mountain bikes to discover the island;
  • It is forbidden to smoke in rooms and communal areas. Please use your terrace our outside communal areas for smoking;

Thank you for reading and participating in our programme, our environment, our sea, our beaches and mountains thank you!