Exploring the Island

The island of Elba offers numerous different aspects for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday you will find numerous different beaches and inlets each with its own distinct features.

If you are looking for a more active holiday we can recommend on road cycling and mixed terrain mountain biking or trekking. For those of you who wish to explore the sea there are infinite coves and caves to snorkel in or for the more expert if offers rich sea beds for scuba diving.

We must not forget the historical aspects of the island with its archeological museums and Napoleonic houses. Last but not least…discover our island culinary specialties and local wines.

Walking along the footpaths on the island of Elba you will never be far from the sea.

If you cannot see it you can hear it or taste the salty sea breeze. Once you start walking up towards the hillsides another aspect of the island will begin to unfold.

Verdant, thick perfumed Mediterranean shrub will accompany on your way, sometimes giving in to pine trees or ancient holm oak and century old chestnut trees.

Along the way you may encounter an abandoned coastal signalling station, churches, lighthouses, terraced vine groves and granite quarries.

If you go as far as the Monte Capanne you can take the cable car up to the top and get a birds eye view of the whole island and the neighbouring islands too.

An excursion on the eastern side of the island will offer a whole new range of colours, red and yellow trickling streams of water that have flowed over oxidizing iron or haematite powder which renders all the roads and nearby footpaths sparkly. The eastern side of the island will offer you views of the now abandoned iron ore mines and a wealth of industrial archaeology to be seen.

We would be very pleased to help you organise your walking holiday or even a short walk nearby. We can put you in contact with specialised national park guides who will accompany you and help you discover and explore every aspect of the island.

We advise arranging your trekking holiday with a professional guide as the enjoyment of the whole walking experience is much increased when your guide stops to show you viewpoints you had not noticed or explains strange rock formations or historical events which have shaped the landscape!

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Discover a submerged underwater wonderland within the biggest marine park of Europe

The island of Elba is surrounded by crystal clear temperate waters. If offers an ideal setting for snorkelling and scuba diving. It is rich in natural caves, plunging scenic rock faces inhabited by multicoloured organisms and fish and many submerged wrecks, some of which are quite clearly visible from the surface of the sea using only a snorkelling mask!

The deep waters surrounding the island are inhabited by many fascinating forms of aquatic life, you will see giant grouper fish, conger-eel, shoals of bream, silver coated sardines, and lobster carefully hidden in the cracks in the rocks.

If you are lucky you may even see some of the numerous dolphins which inhabit this area of the Mediterranean dolphin sanctuary.

Deeper down scuba divers will be rewarded by the sight of small groups of precious corals which are dotted along the coastline.

There are several dive schools on the island of Elba and we can recommend the local dive school here in Marina di Campo which offers professional and well tested services.

There are regular courses to participate in, why not try scuba diving for the first time in your life in the beautiful waters of the island of Elba?!

We can recommend several areas worth visiting, the Corbelli rocks just off Monte Calamita, the Formiche della Zanca which jut out of the sea just in front of Sant’ Andrea or the Ogliera rock in front of the beach at Pomonte.

A dive near Lo Scoglietto at Portoferraio will reveal a submerged statue of Christ and nearby to Marina di Campo Le Grotte alle Coralline near Fonza where you will be able to search the grottos nearby.

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  • Marina di Campo Diving: diving centre in Marina di Campo offers diving lessons and also excursions with professional guides. Particularly appealing are excursions to nearby Pianosa island which can only be visited with special permits.


Living the Sea

Sailing along the coast of the Island of Elba , a voyage of discover…

The ever changing shoreline, small sandy coves or shingle beaches, sheer white rockface or dark black sand.

Every little bay is unique in itself and multiple types of rock and sand transform the colour of the sea. You will be amazed by the depth and range of colours you will see whilst navigating round the island in a soft breeze.

There are numerous places to rent speed boats. If you don’t feel up to navigating a boat on your own you can take an organized boat trip.

Several different excursions leave from the village harbour every day.

You can visit the surrounding islands of the archipelago or take a round trip of the island or even a short afternoon trip along the coastline.

We suggest you also try canoeing in the bay with a professional tour guide. Several excusions take place all over the island and you certainly do not have to have canoed before to take part!

Sailing schools. Marina di Campo has its own sailing and surf school where you can participate in weekly courses or if you prefer, one-to-one lessons. This is a much loved pastime on the island and all the local children learn to sail in the summer!

Some of the beaches and small coves on the island cannot be reached on foot and there is no better way to explore these stretches of coastline than by boat. You will find yourself surrounded by the blue sea and green vegetation and will be able to taste the real essence of this beautiful island.



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  • Rent Navigare: speed and motor boat rental and excursions to the islands of Montecristo and Capraia
  • Mickey Mouse: excursions by motor boat with a professional nature guide who will accompany your tour of the island
  • Il Viottolo: professional nature guides experts in excursions in kayak , snorkeling, trekking and mountain biking all over the island
  • Club del Mare: Local sailing club which offers courses for both adults and children wishing to learn to sail and surf
  • Aquavision: Excursions to the neighbouring islands of the Archipelago including Giglio, Pianosa and Capraia

Get on your bike!

Whether you prefer a mountain bike or road bike the island of Elba offers itineraries for both!

There are many varied itineraries for cyclists on the island.

Whether you prefer an off-track rough terrain experience cycling within the national park or an easier cycle around the beautiful coastline there is no lack of choice.

You will be able to follow the gentle curves of the island from high above in the national park and also from the coastline.

You can stop off for lunch in one of the small villages dotted along the hillsides or watch the sun going down as you pedal back home.

You will certainly not get bored on the island if you set out to discover it by bike!

The island changes quite radically from west to east and one of the best ways to visit it all is by bike, all year round!

We can highly recommend our local mountain bike school which offers professional bike hire and also guided tours.

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  • Elba Bike: guided excursions on the island of Elba with professionally trained guides

Terme di San Giovanni

and Relax…

The San Giovanni Spa facility and the area of shallow sea and marsh that provide its raw material are set into the Gulf of Portoferraio like a precious gem.

The Spa stands opposite Portoferraio’s Medici Harbour, and uses a highly therapeutic silt with properties unique in Italy and indeed anywhere in Europe.

The centre is surrounded by extensive grounds, leading down to the sea, planted with eucalyptus, palms and tamarisks, where patients can stroll and relax before and after treatments
The Spa practices Thalassotherapy, a type of treatment that offers all the many benefits the sea can offer through its water, mud, seaweed and marine plants

The curative aspect goes hand-in-hand with physical and mental wellbeing and the relaxation, guaranteed by an environment well away from sources of atmospheric and noise pollution.

Just the idea of so much peace is a pleasure …. make a very private space in your busy diary and treat yourself to a break.

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Termal Baths in San Giovanni: Wellness and health on the Island of Elba