Hotel Elba e Residence dei Fiori


Walking along the footpaths on the island of Elba you will never be far from the sea. If you cannot see it you can hear it or taste the salty sea breeze. Once you start walking up towards the hillsides another aspect of the island will begin to unfold. Verdant, thick perfumed Mediterranean shrub will accompany on your way, sometimes giving in to pine trees or ancient holm oak and century old chestnut trees.

Along the way you may encounter an abandoned coastal signalling station, churches, lighthouses, terraced vine groves and granite quarries. If you go as far as the Monte Capanne you can take the cable car up to the top and get a birds eye view of the whole island and the neighbouring islands too.

An excursion on the eastern side of the island will offer a whole new range of colours, red and yellow trickling streams of water that have flowed over oxidizing iron or haematite powder which renders all the roads and nearby footpaths sparkly. The eastern side of the island will offer you views of the now abandoned iron ore mines and a wealth of industrial archaeology to be seen.

We would be very pleased to help you organise your walking holiday or even a short walk nearby. We can put you in contact with specialised national park guides who will accompany you and help you discover and explore every aspect of the island.

We advise arranging your trekking holiday with a professional guide as the enjoyment of the whole walking experience is much increased when your guide stops to show you viewpoints you had not noticed or explains strange rock formations or historical events which have shaped the landscape!

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