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Termal Baths in San Giovanni

The San Giovanni Spa facility and the area of shallow sea and marsh that provide its raw material are set into the Gulf of Portoferraio like a precious gem.

The Spa stands opposite Portoferraio’s Medici Harbour, and uses a highly therapeutic silt with properties unique in Italy and indeed anywhere in Europe.

The centre is surrounded by extensive grounds, leading down to the sea, planted with eucalyptus, palms and tamarisks, where patients can stroll and relax before and after treatments
The Spa practices Thalassotherapy, a type of treatment that offers all the many benefits the sea can offer through its water, mud, seaweed and marine plants

The curative aspect goes hand-in-hand with physical and mental wellbeing and the relaxation, guaranteed by an environment well away from sources of atmospheric and noise pollution.

Just the idea of so much peace is a pleasure …. make a very private space in your busy diary and treat yourself to a break.

WELLNESS CENTER – THERMARIUM – HALOROOM®: open all year, by appointment, even weekends and holidays
REHABILITATION: open all year
THERMAL CENTER: from 2nd May to 28th November

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