Hotel Elba e Residence dei Fiori

Diving and Snorkelling

Discover a submerged underwater wonderland within the biggest marine park of Europe

The island of Elba is surrounded by crystal clear temperate waters. If offers an ideal setting for snorkelling and scuba diving. It is rich in natural caves, plunging scenic rock faces inhabited by multicoloured organisms and fish and many submerged wrecks, some of which are quite clearly visible from the surface of the sea using only a snorkelling mask!

The deep waters surrounding the island are inhabited by many fascinating forms of aquatic life, you will see giant grouper fish, conger-eel, shoals of bream, silver coated sardines, and lobster carefully hidden in the cracks in the rocks.

If you are lucky you may even see some of the numerous dolphins which inhabit this area of the Mediterranean dolphin sanctuary. Deeper down scuba divers will be rewarded by the sight of small groups of precious corals which are dotted along the coastline.

There are several dive schools on the island of Elba and we can recommend the local dive school here in Marina di Campo which offers professional and well tested services. There are regular courses to participate in, why not try scuba diving for the first time in your life in the beautiful waters of the island of Elba?!

We can recommend several areas worth visiting, the Corbelli rocks just off Monte Calamita, the Formiche della Zanca which jut out of the sea just in front of Sant’ Andrea or the Ogliera rock in front of the beach at Pomonte. A dive near Lo Scoglietto at Portoferraio will reveal a submerged statue of Christ and nearby to Marina di Campo Le Grotte alle Coralline near Fonza where you will be able to search the grottos nearby.

Useful links:

  • Marina di Campo Diving: diving centre in Marina di Campo offers diving lessons and also excursions with professional guides. Particularly appealing are excursions to nearby Pianosa island which can only be visited with special permits.