Hotel Elba e Residence dei Fiori

What to do

Get on your bike!

Whether you prefer a mountain bike or road bike the island of Elba offers itineraries for both! There are many varied itineraries for cyclists on the island. Whether you prefer an off-track rough terrain experience cycling within the national park or an easier cycle around the beautiful coastline there is[…]

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Walking along the footpaths on the island of Elba you will never be far from the sea. If you cannot see it you can hear it or taste the salty sea breeze. Once you start walking up towards the hillsides another aspect of the island will begin to unfold. Verdant,[…]

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Diving and Snorkelling

Discover a submerged underwater wonderland within the biggest marine park of Europe The island of Elba is surrounded by crystal clear temperate waters. If offers an ideal setting for snorkelling and scuba diving. It is rich in natural caves, plunging scenic rock faces inhabited by multicoloured organisms and fish and[…]

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Motor boats, sail boats and canoes

Sailing along the coast of the Island of Elba , a voyage of discover… The ever changing shoreline, small sandy coves or shingle beaches, sheer white rockface or dark black sand. Every little bay is unique in itself and multiple types of rock and sand transform the colour of the[…]

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Termal Baths in San Giovanni

The San Giovanni Spa facility and the area of shallow sea and marsh that provide its raw material are set into the Gulf of Portoferraio like a precious gem. The Spa stands opposite Portoferraio’s Medici Harbour, and uses a highly therapeutic silt with properties unique in Italy and indeed anywhere[…]

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